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Bjorn_L wrote:

Guidenet wrote:

123Mike wrote:

I can code up the computer algorithms that can make all that work in a separate app if I wanted to. ps. I'm so tired of people trying to come out ahead by trying to put me down.

I'm sure for instance, if we go sit down at a computer, I'd code circles around you. Would I go smear your nose into that if we'd be talking about coding? No! But if someone is using a better programming language with better features, when someone looking to program, is better off with one language over the other.

Mike, look at my profile and read the "about me" section. What you wrote above just shows further your lack of knowledge on various subjects of which you try to seem knowledgeable. No good computer programmer or software engineer would have said what you said. No kid with CompSci 101 under his belt would have thought that way.

Mike, as someone else who has worked as a programmer your statements on coding (like your camera claims) make no sense.  They illustrate an unfamiliarity with either subject.

At no point in this thread have you looked like you know what you're talking about.  I do not understand why you persist.  No one is born knowing everything.  Why not just relax a bit and go out and learn a few things?  Remember the little mantra I suggested before?  It wouldn't hurt you to try it.

Nonsense! You don't know what I know and what I don't know. I'm literally surrounded by a bunch of arrogant self entitled childish people around here. But you know what? I was warned about that. The other day I was at a camera store, and brought up the subject of online forums and DPR, and pretty much the whole store laughed. The utter shredding and ripping people apart here is just absurd. Insults flying on every single possible occasion. And where does it happen the most? In specific forums like this, where aggressive people like just can't wait to pounce on others. Trying to make yourself look big by trying to put the other guy down.

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