2 D7100 Q's - From a D300s and D7000 Owner

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Re: 2 D7100 Q's - From a D300s and D7000 Owner

Thanks Jonikon for the help

My problem is that I think all of my Sigma lenses were made before the D7000.

A I heard from these relatively older Sigma's some work some not with the D7100.

It would be great to know  which lens from which serial number would work and which one has to be rechipped, which is a big PIA. I don't know if they do it in my country (there is no official Sigma representation only a company who are a wholeseller of Sigma lenses)

So it might be very slow, expensive and problematic...



jonikon wrote:

rockjano wrote:

Dear Novens2 please help me!

I am seriously considering to replace my trusty D300 with the D7100 but I am really full of Sigma lenses.

What lenses did you try and what did not work? And how they did not work?

I have 18-50 2,8, 50-150 2,8, 50 1,4, 30 1,4, 105 macro, 10-20 4,5-5,6, 150-500 OS

I know that sometimes even serial numbers could count a newer version from the same lens might work and older might not

I would be really greatful if you could help me!!!



I hope you don't mind that I am jumping in and answering your question, but the short answer is that if your Sigma lens was made after the introduction of the D7000, it should work fine with the D7100. Any lens that was made before the introduction of the D7000 will most likely need to be serviced by Sigma to to work properly with the D7000/D7100. If your Sigma lens works in Live View with your new camera, it should work in all other respects as well. I have to Sigma lenses that work just fine with my D7000, including in Live View.

- Jon

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