Focus motors: In-body vs in-lens

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Re: Focus motors: In-body vs in-lens

slimandy wrote:

There are other advantages to AFS lenses apart from working on entry level bodies. The focus is quieter and smoother and offers MF override. My cams have motors built in but I'd still rather have AFS lenses.

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That's an only reason developmant went that way. I preffer in body motor system and with 15-18 years adavncemants in materials batterys if Nikon care to show what they can do they can put such a torque monster in pro body that AF lenses will fly. I used D1 along D2H and had al AF lenses no AFS there was no comparison D1 with incherent from F5 motor was driving my lenses like a Alaskan Husky's pull a slaid D2H was like sombody put few pudels to do a work of working dogs.

For a few % of users that use manual correction on AFS lenses It was not worth it but proggres is marching on. Funny part is that most AFS Nikon lenses are NOT AFS just gears are inside a lenses. they call them micro AFS and they suck. Only Ring type AFs ( bigger pro lenses) are true AFS anyway.

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