gold or rare cameras?

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BSweeney wrote:

Thirty-Five years ago, I collected old computer manuals. Surplus, or dirt cheap. In 1980 I attended a computer talk given by Grace Hopper. "Where the hell did you get this" was the response that she gave when I asked her to autograph the manual to the IBM Mark I. She wrote it in 1946. I need to have it appraised and donate it to the Smithsonian. They have the computer, but not the manual.

I also have some rare cameras, like two Nikon F2's from the trial production batch. Most F2's have plastic tips for the lever advance- these are all metal. A Nikon M "No-Sync", and a Nikon M w sync. The latter was $30 at an antique mall.

Hi D,

Since you are in the collectors world, if you know anyone who would be interested in a Angenieux 35-70mm zoom, F/2.5 with Nikon mount, let me know. I have this rare and like a new superb glass that I am not using at all!


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