2 D7100 Q's - From a D300s and D7000 Owner

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Room for all

SuvoMitra wrote:

krikman wrote:

Welcome to XXI century. Today's format is 600*600 instagram.

So, the kids want to look at whole photos on handheld screens and miss out on scrutinising minute differences between 80 inch wide images sampled at close range on 24 inch monitors? They've gone to the dogs, I say.

True that but it was always the case in some ways. Remember when everyone got a Polaroid or the little Kodak Instamatics. The group of real photo artists was still out there but smaller than the new group in numbers. That hasn't changed. There are still real tradition photographers out there (I would argue even higher total numbers) but they have simply been joined by an even bigger group of snap shooters. I welcome them and all who take a picture. Room for all!  

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