Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

Keit ll wrote:

The main obstacles to having a FF 'NEX' will be price & the technical aspects of obtaining fast & accurate focus.

Sony have shown with the FF A99 that they cannot produce a competitive FF camera. The Canon 6D & Nikon D600 are just as good if not better than the A99 & are significantly lower in price than the Sony camera.

There are few , if any , FF lenses that can focus reliably on mirrorless cameras & until this becomes possible a FF 'NEX' will always be a non starter.

I am reluctant to conclude this as I have always supported the idea of having a more compact FF format but technology needs to improve before this can become a reality.

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Keith C

It is really down to camera size, not so much the cost of the FF sensor.  The focal point distance, the usability of existing full frame lenses, usability of legacy lenses etc. all that would be affected.

Besides  as the sensors / processors evolve, the requirement for bigger sensors fitted to compact cameras might pass.  Hasselblad now uses 120 MPx sensors in their medium format [6x6cm] cameras. In two years time, we might see APS-C sensors, that far surpass the capabilities of today's FF sensors.  I don't see the reason for Sony to produce a NEX type of CSC with FF sensor inside.  They should instead concentrate on their DSLR line up and improve the FF sensor capabilities of their current camera range, whilst at the same time modernising their NEX range.  There is plenty of room for Sony to improve the NEX stabilisation, autofocus, camera functionality etc.  I feel that if anyone really needs the full frame sensor, he should opt for the DSLR. Having the full frame sensor in a small CSC camera is like sticking the 6 litre V12 engine in the VW Beetle, why not just buy the proper sports car?

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