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Re: Panasonic GH3 review

kryten61 wrote:

Hi All

So on DXO, the GH3 Signal to Noise graph virtually overlaps the OM-D, virtually identical.

So does this mean the better noise performance shown in DP reviews test is not allowing for Olympus's fairly overstated ISO setting versus actual ISO?

The difference in the scoring is, as I say above, mainly down to the difference in JPEG performance at high ISO. The OM-D's noise reduction is better than the GH3's - providing a better balance of detail and noise.

The difference in ISO between the two cameras is 1/3rd of a stop, when tested using the part of the standard that the manufacturers use.

What DxO shows you is that the two manufacturers are using different Raw values to give middle grey in the JPEG - this is not mis-stating ISO, it's a perfectly allowable part of the standard. DxO themselves confirm there is no expectation that stated ISO and their 'measured ISO' will correspond to one another. (Note that they do not use the term 'actual' ISO).

Richard -

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