Before I take the plunge and purchase a Nikon D800e. Any thoughts on the rumored

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Re: Before I take the plunge and purchase a Nikon D800e. Any thoughts on the rumored

AZBlue wrote:

iwannabesedated wrote:

Matt Cant Photography wrote:

anyone see much difference in the 800 compared with the 800e

I have both, and now shoot the D800E almost exclusively. I see a difference - D800E pics are discernably sharper and require less work in post. I believe the higher price is well justified. Regards and best wishes. -iwbs

The only difference I have been able to see from the myriad of samples posted online is one of micro contrast. The D800E has higher micro contrast than the D800, making its images appear sharper before applying any post processing. However, the same micro contrast can be added to D800 files in just a few seconds, and given that all images have to be sharpened for their intended destinations means that most images will require PP and the tiny step of adding more micro contrast and a slightly higher sharpening setting to D800 files is totally trivial.

I will count myself among those who have not seen enough of a difference to justify the higher price. In my mind, the extra money would be better spent in the bank and applied towards a future camera upgrade that will give me a difference that I don't need a magnifying glass to see.

Not only that, but the my friends with the D800e do the SAME PP to their files that I do. There is no extra work in PP with a D800, as if the files need special work or something! D800 files or E files will often benefit by a bit of mild unsharp mask and contrast tweaking. So...lemee see D800 needs a setting of 25 and the E looks the same with a setting of 20.

Sheesh, I'm sweating from all of the extra PP!

So I'm going to call it: Unless you're making giant prints and crazy crops, there is no difference between the cams that is going to be significant to the skill, art or business of photography. And even then it will take a specific type of high-end user to even care.

Of course E owners think they've got lightning in a bottle. Just as D800 owners think they've got a giant resolution jump over a 5D3 or D4...until you see shots from all in typical applications and they look about the same!

If people would focus more on shooting and less on AA filters the world would be a better place!


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