Before I take the plunge and purchase a Nikon D800e. Any thoughts on the rumored

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Re: Before I take the plunge and purchase a Nikon D800e. Any thoughts on the rumored

iwannabesedated wrote:

Matt Cant Photography wrote:

anyone see much difference in the 800 compared with the 800e

I have both, and now shoot the D800E almost exclusively. I see a difference - D800E pics are discernably sharper and require less work in post. I believe the higher price is well justified. Regards and best wishes. -iwbs

I agree with you. I used the D800 for a week, shot a lot with the 600 f4, as well as other good lenses, then tried the E. I saw what to me was a significant difference. In many thousands of images, I saw only three instances of moire, and those were in very tiny areas visible only at 100%. I also shot some video, and didn’t experience moire or artifacts, but I do know Philip Bloom recommends against using it. I typically use the FS700 and EX1R for video, so video use is not a big deal for me.

A friend who earns a living selling very large color prints was impressed enough with the E that he is contemplating switching to it was the medium format digitals. He uses a very sophisticated stitching method, so 36MP are not a limiting factor for him.

I once used a 12MP Ricoh with no AA filter and Leica lenses. I compared it against images from the 16MP NEX5 taken with the same lenses and the NEX7, again with Leica M lenses. The differences there and with the D800E make me inclined to choose a sensor without the AA filter in the future, if the choice is available.

The best way to decide for yourself is to rent them from a company like Lens Rentals and make your own decisions.

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