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Avoid AI Focus!

bterlaan wrote:

Thank you. I use AI Focus because that is meant to "see" if something starts moving. It is not recommended to use servo for standing objects. A foal may stand still one moment and burst away the next, so that is my reason to use AI focus. I have to see if I can switch quickly or just try out to see how far the servo has problems when the foals stands still. I'll have to try out a lot Another point is of course that it is hardly possible to see if the pic is sharp on the display. An Extra handicap for me eprsonally is that I wear contact lenses when with the horses and I cannot see at a small distance with those. Wearing my glasses I just put them away. But I'll do some experimenting, no worry! Thanks to you all for the useful tips!

In spite of what Canon tells you about AI Focus, you're a lot better off avoiding it.  There are way too many stories here of people getting into trouble and getting seriously misfocused shots by using it for many of the same reasons you did.  AI Servo is not ideal for static subjects, but as others have advised, you're better off keeping the camera in AI Servo regardless whether the foal is temporarily standing still or moving around (unless you know how to change the settings back and forth rapidly).  Yes, I realize that Canon ostensibly designed AI Focus for this sort of need (where subjects could be standing still or moving) but frankly, it appears that they pretty well screwed it up and the issues you're having with your shots are likely a testament to that fact.

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