Panasonic GH3 review published

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Richard Butler
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Re: Panasonic GH3 review

ajamils1 wrote:

About time!! Good review but there are couple of things that I did not understand when comparing with OM-D review.

- Both have same score for RAW files and OM-D has little better score in JPEG but it has significantly better score in low light/high iso?

- How come OM-D focus and metering better than GH3?


The low light/high iso element of image quality is considered separately (if it was also included in the JPEG score, it would essentially be double-counted) and that's really the area (in JPEG) where the E-M5 stands apart from the GH3.

The focus of the two cameras is similarly good but the GH3 has the tendency towards underexposure that we've seen before in Panasonics. Not to a terrible degree, but enough for it to be marked down a touch.

Richard -

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