Fuji X100s seems to have abyssal IQ at close range and f2

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Re: X100s abysmal wide open?

PhotonTrapper wrote:

Dailypix wrote:

Abysmal= extremely bad no I do not think so.

The lens @ F 2.0 is very sharp. Try a shot on a tripod shooting words on a page.  It is great. The issue is depth of field.  I suspect the op needs to revisit lenses 101.  If you want a macro with a very wide dof you need to merge multiple exposures in photoshop.

...revisiting Lenses 101 uh?

The issue has nothing to do with depth of field at f2, but rather with very strong spherical aberration.

Something else, I specifically mentioned close range as opposed to macro in my OP. Again, check definitions in your lenses 101 text book.

As for the rest of you post, try "Being Funny for Dummies".

Oh. Mine is very good. No spherical aberration whatsoever that I can see. Shooting those flat words on a page was not meant to demonstrate its macro abilities it was to how that at F 2.0 the lens can be very very sharp it is just that at close range the dof is narrow. If you do that and see  spherical distortions at the edges bring the camera back.

Please post a sample of the spherical aberration or a link to the tester who discovered that. It might be a faulty camera. I've had the X100 for two years and now just upgraded to the 100s both are very fine tools even at close Range. Not my choice for macro either but I have the Canon 100mm macro mounted to my X Pro 1.

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