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Re: Sony provides so much more! Really?

Bjorn_L wrote:

Limburger wrote:

123Mike wrote:

cherry picking one thing and using that to dismiss everything. A very weak argument.

Besides, it's incorrect. You can perfectly well track 10 and 12 fps shooting. It's just different. You can tune into it, you really can. I can. Perhaps you can too. Not every is handy though.

But, for those that aren't that handy, they could choose 8 fps where all those downsides go away.

So, how many fps do you have?

8fps 19 point x-type AF so by now you know what I shoot with.

You left off the key feature of the 7d's AFS system.  Which is that is one of the fastest most accurate AF systems in a crop body particularly with a f/2.8 lens which can keep up with it.

My camera also does 8fps, but after using it for a while I noticed that with a stellar AF and a fast accurate lens I could drop it down to 5.5 and get just as high a keeper rate.  Handy if you are shooting an entire tournament or a all day track and field meet.  I only want to sort through so many photos at the end.

Accuracy, speed, reliability, ability to follow movement are what matter more to AF and your 7d's only APS-C "competition" for this is the d300s and d7000/d7100..opinions vary where they rank but I think everyone with a reasonable amount of experience would at least agree that those criteria are what really separate those cameras from the herd.

The 7D is a much debated camera (even by Canon users). I was a bit worried, but as long as you learn it step by step the 7D has no voodoo, it's just another camera.

The AF is pretty straight forward, again as long as you learn it step by step and understand it.

Even sooc's I managed to do reasonbly well (though some questioned why I even wanted that).

Not perfect but good enough for me, so far I am really happy with this camera.

And as the Nikons you mentioned they are 7D rivals with their qualities and flaws just as the 7D has, but in different areas.

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Cheers Mike

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