sigma 500 f4.5 dg +kenko dgx pro1.4×

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Re: sigma 500 f4.5 dg +kenko dgx pro1.4×

stefanoromei wrote:

i have a friend with canon tc1.4III .actually it doesnt work on my camera with 100/400 or 500 f4.5.i will try it after the new fw update and i will buy only in case of concrete advantages on kenkos tc.

As I understand it the 5D3 will not AF if the lens reports an aperture of f/8 or smaller. It is not a problem with the camera, but with the firmware which just won't focus if it understands the aperture is too small.

I use a Kenko 1.4 with my 100-400 sometimes but it is a non-reporting TC so it does not tell the camera that it has reduced the aperture. The camera does not know and, since the AF system is so good, it just focuses.

I will install the fw update because it would allow me to use a reporting 1.4 TC and a non-reporting 2.0 TC (if I can find one). And, perhaps if I can use a reporting 1.4 TC, then I may try to get a better one. The Kenko is OK but it is fairly old and I understand that there are better ones available now. Perhaps even the Canon 1.4 TC.

today i finally find the sun and you can see two new shots made as usual with:

sigma500f4.5dg+kenko1.4 tc dgx pro on 5dmk3.

same pp made with canon dpp:

Nice shots. I especially like the color inthe first one.

You have nice birds in your area. I cannot find anything so interesting here.

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