Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

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Re: Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

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When viewed at less than 100% crop (how'd I'd be viewing and very rarely printing), then the shake isn't as apparent.  This is how I intend to use the camera and its photographic results, but to without a doubt I agree that shooting the camera(s) mounted on a tripod with IS off would yield superior results.  With that being understood, the comparison results are not useless.

Posting results such as these will only give bad impression to the cameras involved. Even you if you are only comparing IS, you are comparing 1000mm vs. 600mm which is not fair.

On a tripod, 10sec timer, burst or multiple shots then select the best and sharpest. Shoot them all in LSize with DR set to 100 and ISO100. Crop the FZ200 and X-S1 to match the FL of HS50 then resize the HS50 to 12MP or upsize FZ200 and X-S1 to 16MP.

Shoot also on the widest FL then upsize or resize whichever route your want. Shoot in RAW+JPEG too.

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I shot a quick set this morning, and kids permitting, will shoot another when the sun hits both faces of the chimney.  For now, this is that I've got!

That's a lot better than your first installment. See the difference?

Glad that you've set the NR to low. What was the sharpness setting on HS50? If you do a little USM, it will equal the FZ200 (which is  a bit oversharpened).

Aside from turning NR down to low, the other settings were left at default.

The color on the FZ seemed over-saturated or was is the actual color of the chimney?

Hmm, should have been the same color preset I used the last time on the FZ200, but maybe I switched and forgot to switch back.  Don't have the chimney's actual color in memory (my neighbor's house two housed down, lol) but will check.

There are two photos from the HS50, as I provided one scaled down version to match the output of the XS1 and FZ200.  I've uploaded the full size JPEGS to the Dropbox link I provided in my original post.

For some reason I cannot open the Dropbox link you have provided (must be a corporate policy here).

Let me know if you still have trouble opening the Dropbox link once you try from home, or a non-work computer.

If you can do more test, shoot a small object with fine details about 30-50 meters away then shoot at the longest end of all cameras. Crop the FZ and X-S1 to match the FL of the HS50.

Wouldn't cropping the FL of the camera's with less zoom to match the reach of the HS50 put them at a disadvantage?  Furthermore, and this is where it becomes almost impossible to manage, one camera may favor a particular FL over another.  I suppose some type of FL ladder could help with that?

And if you do more test, please shoot multiple shots and select the best.

No problem

-=[ Joms ]=-

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