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Re: Sony provides so much more! Really?

Limburger wrote:

123Mike wrote:

cherry picking one thing and using that to dismiss everything. A very weak argument.

Besides, it's incorrect. You can perfectly well track 10 and 12 fps shooting. It's just different. You can tune into it, you really can. I can. Perhaps you can too. Not every is handy though.

But, for those that aren't that handy, they could choose 8 fps where all those downsides go away.

So, how many fps do you have?

8fps 19 point x-type AF so by now you know what I shoot with.

You left off the key feature of the 7d's AFS system.  Which is that is one of the fastest most accurate AF systems in a crop body particularly with a f/2.8 lens which can keep up with it.

My camera also does 8fps, but after using it for a while I noticed that with a stellar AF and a fast accurate lens I could drop it down to 5.5 and get just as high a keeper rate.  Handy if you are shooting an entire tournament or a all day track and field meet.  I only want to sort through so many photos at the end.

Accuracy, speed, reliability, ability to follow movement are what matter more to AF and your 7d's only APS-C "competition" for this is the d300s and d7000/d7100..opinions vary where they rank but I think everyone with a reasonable amount of experience would at least agree that those criteria are what really separate those cameras from the herd.

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