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Re: Really?

123Mike wrote:

I can code up the computer algorithms that can make all that work in a separate app if I wanted to. ps. I'm so tired of people trying to come out ahead by trying to put me down.

I'm sure for instance, if we go sit down at a computer, I'd code circles around you. Would I go smear your nose into that if we'd be talking about coding? No! But if someone is using a better programming language with better features, when someone looking to program, is better off with one language over the other.

Mike, look at my profile and read the "about me" section. What you wrote above just shows further your lack of knowledge on various subjects of which you try to seem knowledgeable. No good computer programmer or software engineer would have said what you said. No kid with CompSci 101 under his belt would have thought that way.

Try mellowing out. You've got plenty of time in life to learn this stuff. You don't have to be an expert right away. Learn how to interact with others. Learn how to respect other's points of view. Lose the paranoia. When someone starts a thread about Canon, you don't have to jump in about a Sony a57. Chances are they've already considered it and decided a different direction. Most of the people here are older more mature men and women who basically respect each other's opinions and don't need your brand of fanboyism. Look over your own posting history and see for yourself. I'm not telling you something brand new.

Maybe you're used to World of Warcraft type arguments. This is more of a technical digital camera forum for all ages and experience. You don't have to win or lose. Take it easy. Don't try to BS your way through things. It shows. When you try to BS, understand there are adults with ten times your education and experience who know you're BSing. It's different than a group of others your same age and experience. You'll get there some day. You don't have to be there now.

Try redirecting your passion to photography instead of the gear. Sony doesn't deserve your level of passion. No brand does. Instead learn to be a creative and compelling photographer if that is your desire. Gain those skills. Take classes and tutorials in composition and art. Dare to be great at that. What do you say? Agree? It makes sense, doesn't it?

Take care.

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Cheers, Craig
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