2 D7100 Q's - From a D300s and D7000 Owner

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Re: 2 D7100 Q's - From a D300s and D7000 Owner

I think we have a lot of misunderstanding because of the very high resolution. At 100% D7100 seems a little grainy...

It's amazing how many opinions are based on comparing at pixel level without considering differences in resolution. The method of side-by-side 100% crop comparisons may have been great in Phil Askey's days of cameras of similar sensor sizes and pixel count, but all it does now that there are so many sensor sizes, generations of sensor tech and resolutions all in the market at once, is confuse people no end.

You might think that people would really only care about how their images look (or can be made to look by PP)  in the output format(s) and viewing distances that interest them. It's just not like that.

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