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Re: About to Buy -- What do you think ?

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Hey guys,

Just an amateur here.

I got a 50 1.8 but absolutely going to upgrade to 85 1.8 (on 7D).

My 2 cents.

I've used 85mm on a crop camera. Indoors, I always found it awkwardly long for anything but a very tight crop, though much of that depends on the size of the room you are in. 105mm on full frame feels like my limit indoors unless I'm going for candids only. Of course, it's all personal preference.

I LOVED the 85mm lens when space permitted though (certainly helped that it was an 85mm f/1.4).

Well let me explain.

The 85 I want to use outdoors for candid and portrait (on crop indoors it is a bit long) ,terrific subject isolation on a budget imo.

In june I am going to Paris and already got a couple of shots in my head, but not sure I get the lens for just that cause.

BTW I shoot 7D (crop sensor).

The 85 is still pending

I used a 85mm 1.8 briefly on a Canon 500d (managed to borrow one just before I jumped brands).  I liked it enough so that I bought it again on Nikon mount and used it on both DX & FX.  On my d90 I found it to be a half decent "school play" lens.  Where I would have to sit in the audience and wanted to shoot the action.  With a 50mm I would almost have to be in the front row.

Buy the lens soon if you plan on taking it on a big trip in a couple of months.  You'll want to give yourself time to get used to it.

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See my plan (in my profile) for what I shoot with. See my gallery for images I find amusing.

Thanks Bjorn,

The 85 is playing with my mind for some time and want it for one thing: subject isolation (not mandatory 1.8 aperture but close). I am aware of the fringing that it might do and that is the very part I am not so sure about for now. It's not the best lens ever made but ok if you figure to use it.

Besides that I am going to Paris anyways

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Cheers Mike

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