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Re: Tech-crunch article + DPR - thoughts

Anders W wrote:

kenw wrote:

And a Google cached version of a Tech Crunch article with some more specifics:

Tech Crunch LR5 Announcement

Thanks to Google for caching it and to you for catching it. Looks pretty interesting don't you think? I think nobody was expecting a new major release this early. At least I didn't. It's just a year or so since LR 4 was released now if I recall correctly. But OK, this is a beta version.

I really don't read very much there that makes my heart beat faster.

I don't need extra preview copies to be made of my images.

I'll straighten horizons myself or will choose not to.

And spot removal?  I don't usually remove anything anyway.

If that is the bulk of the improvement, then I will happily stick with LR4 another while.

Now that was a real major improvement over LR3, as LR3 was over LR2.

We'll wait and see.


Just read also the DPR announcement.


On second thought there may be a few things worthwhile:

* improved slideshow (does it do Ken Burns?)

* radial Grad tool

Ah well...  Another while before it is finished anyway.

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