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Rich Z
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Joe's Baby

A 1930 Model A deluxe sport coupe'. He put the much refined Model B engine in it, which came out in 1932. And a Mitchell overdrive. 40 horsepower and will cruise all day at 50-55 mph. For safety's sake, the brakes are juice brakes from an early 40s Ford donor. Those old mechanical brakes will kill you if you aren't ready for their idiosyncrasies.
  We set out on the 50 mile inland trip to Willow Creek in May, 2007. Start at sea level, climb up to a 2300 foot pass, then back down into a 500 foot elevation valley, then back up to a 2800 foot pass, then down to Willow Creek in The Trinity Valley at 500 feet. Joe had several gallons of water in the (real) trunk compartment. She got hot about halfway up the second pass, and when she started losing power, Joe pulled over. I got the pic of him opening the radiator then bent over and took the hot water on my back, to protect my E330. Good old Ford high nodular cast iron engine. He filled her right back up with cold water and off we went. Try that with today's soft alloy engines. Get them that hot, they warp and at least blow a head gasket, if not become instant junk. It was a great day. Rich


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