D7100 owners having to INCREASE shutter speeds to avoid softness?

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Remember, though, that you don't have to have a 24MP sharp image if you're downsizing...noise still goes down.  It's just that you've done a little mechanical averaging during capture.

That's a very good reminder, i personally have to work on that, i tend to move the camera right after i took the shot thinking that the photo went thru, perhaphs i should wait half a second more and let the mirror finish its thing.

No.  If you're shooting at 1/100 or faster, you're not going to move that quickly.  Try it, even with 1/30.  Divide a second into 30 pieces.

The issue is not that the mirror hasn't finished doing its thing, but that your body is doing a bunch of other stuff besides being present with taking the shot.  If you're already heading towards the next shot opportunity as you squeeze the shutter, you haven't quieted your body enough to reliably give you a good capture.  If I might use a rifle analogy, it's the difference between a sharpshooter and a machine gunner.  The sharpshooter goes through a whole zen ritual to calm the body and prep the mind for taking the shot, then just as deliberately stands down after taking the shot.  A machine gunner only has to aim in the general direction and blast.  Most of his rounds miss the target, but enough hit to count.  Wasteful, but effective in wartime.  Photography isn't war, though.

Now as far as stopping subject motion, that's a different issue.

Both you and nfpotter have excellent points folks should consider. If one takes the time to consider what is happening during the shot... and also work to improve shooting technique..ones capture results will be rewarded. I often step back and consider the mechanics of what the camera is doing and also take a moment to really nail the shot as mosswings points out. Doing so has huge benefits. It has certainly improved my low light prime results over time. There are times though when that same deliberate approach...leads to a stunning set of machine gun results too

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