2 D7100 Q's - From a D300s and D7000 Owner

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Re: 2 D7100 Q's - From a D300s and D7000 Owner

olynik969 wrote:

The D7100 really appears nice with the AF advancements and other changes/improvements over the D7000.  That said, I have a couple of quick Q's for those who have one and may have had a D7000 and or a D300/300s:

1)  Focus tracking: Have you found it comparable to the D300/300s in tracking ability?

2)  IQ: Do you find it (other than the sensor size) better than the D7000? If so, in what ways?  In Imaging Resource (IR) it "appears" (on my monitor) to be very similar in coloration, a "bit" sharper (in detail) but pretty much the same on high IQ noise (in other words, no real gain in High Iso capabilities). Do you find my impression/assessment based on IR accurate or not?

Have been hoping for a D300s replacement but just not sure that will ever materialize.... so assuming the AF system (AF tracking) equals or betters the D300s, I'd really consider a D7100.

Thanks much for your time to respond,


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Bob (formerly bobmax)

From D300 the quality have improved a lot!

I think we have a lot of misunderstanding because of the very high resolution. At 100% D7100 seems a little grainy... But if you look at your pictures in 50% it's much much better than D300.

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