D7100 owners having to INCREASE shutter speeds to avoid softness?

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Re: D7100 owners having to INCREASE shutter speeds to avoid softness?

nfpotter wrote:

The "old" rule for 35mm film (or full frame) was that "most" people could hand-hold a shot at the reciprocal of the focal length in use, and not end up with motion blur due to camera motion.

I would refine this to "visible motions blur" and this depended on what film you were using and how good the optics are. Fast grainy print film you could get away with slower speeds than with slow slide film. I don't see why this isn't also the case with digital.

I'm not saying a shot that wouldn't be visibly blurry with a D7000 would be visibly blurry if shot with a D7100 downsampled or printed to the same size as the D7000 shot.

That said, being able to use higher shutter speeds without the penalty of noise is why the shots with my D7000 are sharper than my olympus dSLRs, more so than the increased pixel count, IMHO of course.

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