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Re: Sony provides so much more! Really?

From DPR's review:

"As we saw in the A55, which offered a maximum frame rate of 10fps in the same mode, there are some downsides to this maximum capture rate. The A57 can still autofocus continuously, but in order to be able to do this, aperture is either fixed wide open, or limited to f/3.5 if the lens's maximum aperture allows. You can take full control over aperture in Continuous Advance Priority AE mode, but only if you select AF-A or manual focus. The reason for this limitation is the same reason why you cannot combine AF with manual aperture control in movie mode - at apertures smaller than f/5.6 the AF system receives essentially no light, so cannot function.

Another disadvantage of the SLT system when it comes to fast shooting is that it isn't possible for the A57 to maintain a live view feed in 8, 10 or 12fps capture modes. The viewfinder does not black out when shooting at these high frame rates, but shows a sequence of still frames you've just shot. What this means is that at any given moment, you don't see the current view through the camera's lens, but how it was a fraction of a second ago. This makes little or no difference if you're shooting slow-moving or static subjects, but it makes panning with fast-moving subjects very hard indeed, since you never know quite where they are - only where they were."

If I was a dedicated sports shooter, there's no doubt in my mind that I would not pick the A57 for the reasons outlined above.

8 fps with full aperture control.

10, 12 fps with aperture fixed to 3.5. Yes, that's a downside. Not for indoor sport shooting, because there you're probably going to be ok with f3.5 (or widest available).

As for the lag thing, this is not a problem. I've seen this discussed before. You dynamically track the camera based on what you're seeing. It works, it really does. This lag thing is not a spoiler, it's just different, and you can totally tune into this.

So what's going to compete with this in the consumer line of cameras? Nothing!

8 fps without the lag with 100% control. Your's is slower.

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