Canon vixia G20 - 60i has fastest focus?

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Re: G30 versus HC-X920 versus PJ710

Also, a huge advantage of it is having wideangle at 29.8mm. Not even the G10/G20 are capable of this (they both start at 30.4mm; only the forthcoming G30 can (26.4mm when not using electronic IS) go (much) wider).

However, the sensors are 12 Mpixels each. I wonder if there will be aliasing / moire because of line skipping. (I'm pretty sure the sensors / the driver chipset aren't capable of sampling all pixels. We're speaking of 36 Mpixels, after all - which would require some really advanced chipset, particularly at 60p. I don't know of anything consumer-priced, except for the 30p only, 38 Mpixel Nokia 808, that would do this.)

Cy Cheze wrote:

Of the three, the HC-920 is priced the lowest and is the lightest and most compact.  Its control ring is more versatile and easy to control than menu or touch screen controls.  It also has three 1/2.3" sensors (for red, cyan, blue) so there is no need for a Bayer sensor and no moiré.  It also offers time lapse, which neither of the other two do, SFAIK.  If (for whatever reason) you get an itch to shoot something in 3D, you could (if you fancied) get the 3D adaptor for the HC-920, which is a lot less expensive or compromising than getting a dedicated 3D videocam.  The optical zoom is 12X which is about the most you can use without having major image shake challenge.  You can use a smart zoom (sensor crop) that effectively doubles that zoom in good light, but probably need a tripod to avoid bad shake.

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