Canon vixia G20 - 60i has fastest focus?

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Re: Canon vixia G20 - 60i has fastest focus?

Sean Nelson wrote:

Camcorders often have a low-light advantage over a similarly priced camera

also, they (at least the better ones including the m50 / G10 / G20, that is, the natively 2 Mpixel ones) don't exhibit (that bad) aliasing / moire effects, thanks for their natively 2 Mpixel sensors. At least not in non-interlaced mode (interlacing can introduxe its own "aliasing": "twittering"). Most stills cameras,shoot videos riddled with these awful effects. Even  higher-end ones like the Canon G1X - or, for that matter, to a lesser effect, the latest-=and-greatest Sony NEX-6.

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