Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

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Re: Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

s_grins wrote:

I thought I've answered your question:

You have MFT 6.7/300 attached to MFT camera, and you have FF 6.7/600 attached to FF camera. Now, you're taking shot from the same spot with both cameras.

1. you will get the same FOV

2. If you set the same F stop and shutter speed, you will use the same ISO.

3. If F stops are the same, DOF will be 4 times deeper on M43.

Well, probably I was too optimistic about DOF.

I do not use calculators, so I can forget some math. Anyway, M43 has deeper DOF, and it makes me proud.

You may disagree with my assessments, and use your common sense. Anyway, it will not affect your photos.

Except that the DOF prediction above is off by a factor of 2. That surely affects "your photos".

In an equal-framing situation such as this one, the DOF varies (only) by the ratio of F-Number divided by Focal Length. Therefore, the M43 system DOF will be 2 times deeper than the FF system DOF.

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