About to Buy -- What do you think ?

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Re: About to Buy -- What do you think ?

joejack951 wrote:

baloo_buc wrote:

I would skip for now 50 mm f/1.4. It is an awkward focal length for crop sensor.

Why do people keep repeating this? On a Canon APS-C 1.6X crop sensor, a 50mm lens gives approximately an 80mm field of view in FF terms. No one calls 85mm lenses (you know, those bread and butter portrait lenses) awkward on full frame. Even on Nikon (1.5X crop), a 50mm lens is only a 10% crop away from an 85mm FF field of view. I think 50mm lenses on APS-C make for fantastic portrait lenses.

I have to believe that those calling them awkward only do so because they imagined using a 50mm lens as their "standard" lens like one might on a FF DSLR. For that purpose, yes, it's a bad focal length. For head and shoulders portraits, it's tough to beat.

On that final note, if you have any interest in macro, the Tamron 60mm f/2 could be an interesting alternative to the 50mm f/1.4. You give up some aperture for macro capability and go a little to the other side of that "magic" portrait focal length.

While 50mm on a crop sensor does have the field of view of 75-80 on a full frame camera, it does not have the depth of field charactoristics nor compression that makes 85mm - 105mm so useful.

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