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Re: What choice do you have?

DMillier wrote:

Going in a different direction entirely, what kind of living do pros make over your way. I read somewhere recently that the average pre-tax income of a professional photographer in the UK was something like £19,000 per year - about the same as a filing clerk.  There are a tiny handful of big names like David Bailey etc who presumably make a good living but for most budding pros the advice seems to be "don't".

As far as I can tell, top landscape pros like Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite etc make their income from anciliary activities such a running workshops, photo holidays, writing, training videos rather than directly from selling their work.

Hi David,

It's highly variable and runs from near poverty level to ridiculous. Most wildlife and landscape photographers here do very much as you describe. Leading photo "safari" expeditions, workshops, etc., are a big part. The inexpensive corporate "portrait" studios pretty much wrecked the portrait business, but even some of them are failing. One almost never hears the word's "Olan Mills" anymore since Lifetouch bought them out a few years ago. Sears recently closed its 50+ year old business. Wedding photography is still lucrative and doing well. Event photography is definitely declining since the advent of phone cameras and such. Specialists can do well if they occupy the right "niche." I did quite well with gallery art photography for many years but I stepped into that venue through my contacts made by selling my gallery software (I developed and sold inventory control software for art galleries which was quite popular). In general, since the easy availability of digital tools, one must specialize. Perhaps the "most" lucrative photo business today in general is in web pornography and similar. I don't think I could lower myself to do such even though there are those making a fortune doing it. Of course major fashion and glamour photographers are doing well, but there is precious little room there and it's mostly occupied by those who have close personal ties with designers, magazines and the movie industry.

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