gold or rare cameras?

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Re: gold or rare cameras?

paulhofseth wrote:

I noticed today's news on speculators selling off their gold bars.

With one golden bar by design  not any different from another, no one would keep them for their individuality.

Not much practical use either, apart from as doorstops and paperweights. No interest accrues and no use.

Products from Angenieux, Astro, Kilfit, Kinoptic, Leitz, Oude Delft, Pignons, Spectros, SOM, Voigtländer,Zeiss, Zunow etc. may also prove excellent as doorstops or paperweights, but they do have  an extra attribute: they may be used.

So in the longer term, speculators with less knowledge than money may gain or lose on the hedging carousel , while some knowledgeable currency-refugees, from China, Cypros, Italy,Japan, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela and the US, may choose to combine relative security with pleasure.

Even in a poorer, inflationary world, there will always be some excentric collectors and users around with sufficient funds to continue the chain, and it is the relative value preservation that counts.

The old parable of the two men chased by a lion comes to mind; the first one says, "we cannot outrun the lion", the other replies," but I can outrun you".



I had a table at phsne boston show for many years during the late nineties up to six years ago. The lenses today are as others point out firm in pricing but regular bodies took a dive. they seem to be rebounding now as they are getting harder to find nice ones.  I long for the day I could buy and almost mint 3f red dial with a nice collapsible summicron for three hundred.

The rare collectables are a crap shoot.  The price can vary wildly and depends on how badly some one wants the piece.I recently sold a 72 for fifteen grand but christies had appraised it at 22 grand eight years earlier. It was Canadian but the seriel number indicated it to have been the first seriel number alloted to Canadian production so during the hayday of collectable leica prices in the late nineties I might have got the Christies apprasial price.  On the other hand I was able to sell a mint M2rrecently  for more than the asking price.

as an investment in the last twenty years the best performance with minimal risk when done right is the stock market. But you cant take one of your stocks out and obsess over how beautifully it is made or shoot a roll of film with it.

I used to collect and buy and sell just for the love of it, Didnt really make a lot of money out of it. When I sold the last of my collectibles I was able to get an M9 and make a substantial deposit into a brokerage account, but I miss the fun of the phsne show and the haggling.

John aka bosjohn21

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