Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

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Affraid we disagree......

marike6 wrote:

tedolf wrote:

JoeNapa wrote:

These are just some pictures of my home and family that I took with my new Em-5 and 12mm lens.  Thanks, Joe.

No. 1:   Feet are chopped off and out of focus.

Out of focus?  You do realize that's the way DOF works.

Well, now that you mention it I might have heard about this somewhere!

And having everything in the image in equal focus defeats the purpose of using a large sensor camera.

Not what I suggested, is it?

Why not just use a P&S?


There is something called "selective focus".  When photographing people, it's perfectly appropriate to have eyes be in focus, and the rest of the body be OOF.

Well here we disagree.

There is rarely any justification for having the eyes in focus and the nose and ears out of focus.

This sort of narrow DOF as you suggest is a tiresome thematic cliche' that is not appreciated by most people, particularly the subjects of the photograph.

Ask a wedding photographer.

No. 2:   Table, chair are chopped off-no appearent effort at composition of drawings on wall.

No. 3:   Child in back is out of focus.

Again, DOF, and selective focus.  Do you always shoot at f22?

Usually f/2.8-f/8

I don't know many who do.

Me niether-diffraction you know.

No. 4:   Wings are cut off and feet are out of focus.

You do understand Depth of Field don't you?


We know that the child has feet.

Uh........probably but not always

We don't need them to be as sharp as the eyes

Are you sure?

What is it that you need?

What is it thematically with this specific photograph that determines what is the appropriate DOF?

Do you know?

If so tell us exactly what is the appropriate DOF for this photo and why.

to see what kind of shoes she is wearing.

See above.

Do you even think about the so-called rules you constantly mention, or do you just parrot them.

I just parrot them.

This photo is perfect,




Do you think it would win a photo contest?

just the way it is, one of the stronger of the bunch.


No. 5:   Adult is chopped in half.No. 6:  Now this one could be a good photo if you would frame it to eliminate the power lines.  Can be done in PP so this one is salvagable.

The weakest photo of the set, you like, but want the power lines eliminated?  OK, Ansel.

No not Ansel, Tedolph.

Did AA take a lot of photo's with power lines in them?

Your comment seems to suggest that he did.

These photo's demonstate either a complete lack of understanding of composition or laziness on the photographer's part.

Sounds like you've never photographed children before.


I guess you haven't been around here much have you.

It's not like the sit around posing waiting for you to make a perfect composition.  Besides, no offense, but your constant over analysis of composition is more annoying (and ironic) than helpful.

Well, what would be helpful?

Uncritical praise of whatever is posted on this Forum?

But I suppose in this case the OP did ask for feedback, and boy did you give it.

Now here we agree.


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