How do you set 1/180 on Fuji X-E1??

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Re: "lost in translation" .... this is not " the engineers" , it is the translation of an idea IMO

hellocrowley wrote:

I shoot at 1/200s and crop out the black band a little bit.

IMO this problem is less serious than the problem that if you chimp, you go back to 1/125s (or 1/250s, depends on where you started). The most annoying thing for a flash shooter. I guess most people shoot auto so they don't notice it.

I have used the X-E1 in the studio where it wasn't so much of a problem but for fill flash outside, it can be since sometimes there might be some motion blur. If this is the case I would like to be able to use the fastest shutter speed available. You might remember the threads regarding the 1/500sec flash synch speed of the D70 versus the D2X??

it was a big issue then (some people have revived this re the X-100 with the leaf shutter synching up to 1/1000sec) and is a big issue now. The hint it is only a matter of translation and if you want to be on the safe side, go with 1/125sec does not provide any useful answer as to how to actually use the shortest shutter speed!

Just saying would have been nice to go as short as technically documented and feasible! I used an ND8 with fill flash the other day, used 1/160 as the closest to 1/180sec but found it was a bit Micky Mouse, to need a compromise ... not big difference, sure 12 or so percent faster only ... but nevertheless.



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