gold or rare cameras?

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Re: gold or rare cameras?

Classic lenses seem to command a premium these days, thanks to mirrorless cameras and new offerings from Leica. Used lens prices seem to be up 5-fold in the last few years.

I miss the days of $50 J-3's, $70 collapsible Summicrons, $70 Canon 50/1.5's, $95 Nikkor5cm F1.4's, and $150 wartime Sonnars in LTM...

But on the other hand, they paid for the M9 and M Monochrom.

To add- I would go with lenses over classic film cameras. The latter has lost ground in the last 10 years. I have some 60 or so Nikon cameras, 14 of them RF's. I use the RF's more than the SLR's. Used to have a rule- walk into a shop and find a nice camera with lens for $100 or so, grab it. Most of the near-mint ones, would fetch a premium. But EX to user-grade, I've given more than have sold.

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