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Re: Sony provides so much more! Really?

headfirst wrote:

The AF system in the A99 is VERY effective! It shoots 8 fps full res, 10 fps cropped.

It's very good & has it's own uniqe pros but it isn't at D4 or 1DX level.

The A99 does 6fps full res, 8fps in APS-C (1.5x) crop or 10fps with a 2.4x crop.

It seems I had that wrong. That's actually disappointing. The A57 does APS-C in 10 fps. Why the consumer A57 is faster than the pro A99 I don't know.

"And sometimes it's better to admit that for new comers, for consumer class cameras, that Sony has the upper hand."
Certainly a valid alternative & for some people (myself included) better - but the D4 & 1Dx aren't consumer class cameras.

Ok. But I though we were pitting up consumer cameras. Like the 60D and A57, and whatever Nikon equivalent.

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