How do you set 1/180 on Fuji X-E1??

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Re: I do not understand your way of thinking.... ; - )

KariP wrote:

This is your way of thinking that causes this "problem" - IMO

The japanese engineers have in some way tested and adjusted the camera - and they have tested that the 1/180 works.  And probably you too can get that speed in Av mode - the camera uses smaller steps in Av than in M. Not sure if it gets 1/180  - test it by adjusting the amount of light.

I'm sure they have a photographer in their team in Japan  who has told them what is fill in flash.

Fastest available speed with flash sync is 1/160 - so that there is a safe headroom to the tested speed 1/180.

Perhaps because the japanese engineers want to be on the safe side - this way sync works always .

Just use 1/160 because that is the only possibility given to you. They should adjust the manual and this problem just does not exist after replacing 1/180 with new numbers  -  1/160.

;- )

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Are you trying to wind me up?? If a camera states that the shortest shutter speed that flashes can be synched with is 1/180sc and you cannot actually set this speed, then it is a matter of me not understanding?

A camera function a matter of personal opinion and interpretation??

Good grief ... now I get it, all my personal fault! In Japanese the camera does other things than in English or Norwegian?? In Japanese 1/180 works but in English it doesn't?? Or do you mean you read the Japanese manual states different values and the 1/180 is an invention of the English manual? Then I would understand! So my original question utterly pointless because I should have read the Japanese manual??

Thanks for the lecture!


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