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Re: Vocabulary

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

It is quite another thing to not understand, deny to one's own consciousness an appreciation of the extent to which they do not understand, and further denounce the the substance and the purpose of the deeper understanding of others as being in some way either impractical or irrelevant to the subject(s) at hand. Such constitutes navel-gazing of the highest order, as well as a consummate lack of interest in learning through listening, consumed by speaking only ...

It took me several attempts to understand the topic sentence of the above paragraph.  You might find the FOG INDEX interesting and this SELF EVALUATIONmight be instructive. 

Well, I take that you in the end muddled-through my dreaded long sentence. Life is just so hard.

Another article which has a huge Fog Index is the one YOU REFERRED TO in your earlier post to KB relating to "the inverse square law".  That has to be one of the worst pieces of writing that I have seen in a long time.

Compare that article with this description of POINT SOURCES, LINE SOURCES, PLANE SOURCES.

(Albeit, you need to change the vocabulary from "radiation intensity" to "ILLUMINANCE " in those diagrams.)

Magick, eh?

The inverse square law is true for a point source.

For a line source illuminance is proportional to (perpendicular) distance from the line source.

For a plane source illuminance is independent of distance from the plane source.

(You would be amazed at the number of wrong articles in photo magazines that insist on applying the "inverse square law" inappropriately!)

The saddest part about the use of sloppy language it that it prohibits the user from communicating ... in both directions.  It also prevents the user from learning deeper since his/her conceptual frameworks are badly screwed up.  It takes a certain amount of honesty to recover from such impediments.

It is for the above reason that I applaud efforts by ... GB to clean up the language at least in this forum.

Perhaps you can manage to decode this pile of vague and non-forthcoming verbiage, then ?


I have to admire his patience.

Note that you are also free to admire my patience, should you find yourself so moved ...

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