Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

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This isn't about you......

JosephScha wrote:


No. 1:   Feet are chopped off and out of focus.

Chopped off: true, could have included them but I didn't mind.

You asked for C&C.

So really, this is all about what we like isn't it?

OOF: Also true but of COURSE they were.  They are much closer to the camera.  I'd say the sharp focus on the faces and OOF on feet in front and background behind draws your attention to the faces.  Is that so bad?

yes, forground being OOF is distracting.

No. 2:   Table, chair are chopped off-no appearent effort at composition of drawings on wall.

OK, have to agree.

There is hope!

No. 3:   Child in back is out of focus.

Again, yes, and what do you want?  F/11 shots at some stratospheric ISO?  Personally I bought a 25mm f/1.4 to take indoor shots at reasonable ISO, and if you use it anywhere near wide open the child in back would be OOF.  So ... please give the OP and me some real advice, not just critique; what would you do to get the both in focus?  Manually focus between them and stop down sufficiently?  That would work, but I doubt there was time to do that.

Now this one is defensible.

Having the child in the back OOF and the one in the front looking at her makes a theme (hey-my Sister is wierd) that I like.

I just don't know whether you did this conciously or just have your aperture stuck wide open all the time.  From the sequence above, looks like the latter.

No. 4:   Wings are cut off and feet are out of focus.

OK, wings are cut off.  More to the point, top of head is cut off.

And you are looking down on her.

I don't miss the wing tips, the focus is the child.  I actually think this is a very good picture because of the facial expression it captures, and the costume.

Sure, but did you pay any attention to composition at all?

Did you make any conscious choises or did you just point-n-shoot?

And, for the third time, yes the feet are out of focus, but so what?

The better questoin is "so why?".

Why did you do that?

Did you have a reason at the time you took the picture or are you just rationalizing after the fact?

In fact, I think that gives the appropriate feeling of depth.  What would you do?

I would not have shot down on her so I would have had a different composition with different DOF considerations.

No. 5:   Adult is chopped in half.

Hmm...  Yes.  Maybe that is how small children view adults!  I've seen drawn cartoons that represent adults that way.  OTOH, maybe this picture should be cropped to exclude the chopped in half adult.

Actually the adult chopped in half would have worked in this photo if you had paid attention to the background.

Then it would have looked purposeful rather than random as it does now.

No. 6:  Now this one could be a good photo if you would frame it to eliminate the power lines.

OK, true.  Removing them in post is a pain.

And that is the entire point.

When looked at as a whole it appears "lazy"-like you were not interested in putting any meaningfull effort into the shots (except the last one).

That comes though loud and clear-subliminally so to people who are not trained photographers/artists.

Is that how you want your work to come across?

I guess in summary: I wouldn't criticize feet OOF or clipped off pieces that are not what the picture meant to focus on (ie, wing tips).  And if you are going to criticize shallow DOF, please tell us what you would have done. (not focus stacking, please).

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