Reading Nikon's mostly nightmare

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Re: Reading Nikon's mostly nightmare

rhit wrote:

leerob wrote:

I'm talking about that a lot of people here are complaining of oil/dust, left focus, return cameras etc. Very few happy with their cameras. Too many by far negative experiences.

I would not recommend making that type of generalization.  Not every Nikon user posts here.  Those who do, have not all had issues.  Of those who have had issues, many have exchanged their malfunctioning units for properly functioning units.  Only some have bought one unit - be it a lens, body, flash, etc. - and returning it without a second though.

Nikon makes excellent products.  Even some issues such as localized lubricant splatter, left focus inaccuracy, loose battery doors, backfocus, etc....the problems are all relatively manageable.  Moreover, if you assess the issues early on and purchase from a reputable retailer, you're welcome to exchange for a new unit.

In other words, just because something isn't shiny and perfect upon first purchase doesn't mean the entire line sucks.

Generally speaking, generalizations are bad.  (Except in the case of this sentence.)

I have jumped ship sometime ago but still visit the Nikon forums regularely. I would actually agree with the perception of the original poster that there is a lot of negative comments out there, oil on sensors is not a good thing right, focus issues with an expensive camera?? Smearing on the D7100 when viewed at 100% ...

You mention "manageable" issues like lubricant splatters or left focus issues, relatively spoken. You mean send back to Nikon of fix the splatter issues yourself?

Just curious, remember the olden days (yeah, right time moves fast re technology??) when the banding issues of the D200 were an issue.



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