D7100 owners having to INCREASE shutter speeds to avoid softness?

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Re: D7100 owners having to INCREASE shutter speeds to avoid softness?

mistermejia wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

But you're not buying one, as you've said, or am I not up to date :^)

Hi Reilly, at least not right now since i am broke, and now the D3200 is out of the question since i completely did not like not having the external buttons/functons, sorry i just can't use one of those bodies.  That's the update on that

The reason why i am asking is because i reviewed the photos i took at the camera shop with the D7100 and the people's faces that i took are simply blurry, the cloths looks nice and sharp, but the person's faces looks blurry, the people that were there were not posing for me or anything, i was just randomly shooting at whoever was there, the people were not running or anything, they were just standing there moving in a normal way as i was shooting, and i was bouncing flash, i was not in extreme low light or anything like that either.

The point is that i am thinking that at this point in time ANY 24MP sensor will demmand THE best possible lenses that will match the capability of this cameras.  I mean, i used the 17-55 at around F4 and between 35 and 55mm, and a shutter speed of around 250, at ISO 100.  Sorry i am not home and i don't exactly recall the exact shutter speed and apperture, but for sure that's the ball park.

I am honestly starting to "imagine" that a 16MP or lower size sensor is BEST for shooting under normal conditions and for what most people use a camera for, just for fun, and mostly without a tripod.  In another words, this cameras are just not for everybody, no?  With the D7000 it was said to double the shutter speeds, should it be "trippled" with a 24MP sensor??

Can someone throw some light here, Am i the only one that is starting to notice this?  Perhaphs Nikon should make the next camera with a 16/18 MP sensor but with big ass pixles for better low light performance and the rest they should just leave it the way it is, no?

You're thinking WAY too hard.

Hand me the D7100.  My shots will look just as good (or bad) as they do with my D7000, D300, or D80.

Pixel-peeping is an exercise in futility.

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