The (in)significance of resolution

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Re: You haven't increased the resolution....

The eye (and only a young perfect eye) can separate a maximum of 300 lines per inch at a viewing distance of about a foot only if they are alternating 100% black and white.  Actually, most people would see 300 dots per inch as solid grey, most of us have somewhat worse eyesight.  The eye cannot see this level of resolution if the dots are grey. And if they are colour dots even less.  I very much doubt a laser printer in putting down pure black dots on a pure white substrate!  The resolution of an inkjet printer on matte paper (I use a R2400 on Permajet Matte plus) is rather less.

With respect to your claim I have not increased resolution, I think you are mis-thinking something.  If I shoot  a single frame, then zoom in and shoot a 3 frame composite covering the same field of view, I'm getting 3x the pixel count.  That's effectively what I did.  Shot a 16MP single frame with a moderate wide angle, then swapped out the lens for a telephoto shift lens and stitched 3 frames to (roughly) match the field of view of the reference frame but with 3x the pixels.

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