D7100 owners having to INCREASE shutter speeds to avoid softness?

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Re: D7100 owners having to INCREASE shutter speeds to avoid softness?

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

But you're not buying one, as you've said, or am I not up to date :^)

Hi Reilly, at least not right now since i am broke, and now the D3200 is out of the question since i completely did not like not having the external buttons/functons, sorry i just can't use one of those bodies.  That's the update on that

The reason why i am asking is because i reviewed the photos i took at the camera shop with the D7100 and the people's faces that i took are simply blurry, the cloths looks nice and sharp, but the person's faces looks blurry, the people that were there were not posing for me or anything, i was just randomly shooting at whoever was there, the people were not running or anything, they were just standing there moving in a normal way as i was shooting, and i was bouncing flash, i was not in extreme low light or anything like that either.

The point is that i am thinking that at this point in time ANY 24MP sensor will demmand THE best possible lenses that will match the capability of this cameras.  I mean, i used the 17-55 at around F4 and between 35 and 55mm, and a shutter speed of around 250, at ISO 100.  Sorry i am not home and i don't exactly recall the exact shutter speed and apperture, but for sure that's the ball park.

I am honestly starting to "imagine" that a 16MP or lower size sensor is BEST for shooting under normal conditions and for what most people use a camera for, just for fun, and mostly without a tripod.  In another words, this cameras are just not for everybody, no?  With the D7000 it was said to double the shutter speeds, should it be "trippled" with a 24MP sensor??

Can someone throw some light here, Am i the only one that is starting to notice this?  Perhaphs Nikon should make the next camera with a 16/18 MP sensor but with big ass pixles for better low light performance and the rest they should just leave it the way it is, no?

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