Limitations of m43 in bright light. OMD and Leica 25mm f1.4

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Re: Limitations of m43 in bright light. OMD and Leica 25mm f1.4

Mark Chan wrote:

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Mark Chan wrote:

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Sergey Borachev wrote:

That is a known issue with the E-M5 when using very fast lenses - lowest ISO being 200 and highest shutter speed 1/4000 sec.

And I talked about this weakness a whole year ago while researching this camera.  Me bad, bad mouthing something I did not own and had not even touched at that time.  (How dare you?!)  

Not that I'm against talking bad about a system... I was curious about the ISO 200 myself, and I assume the shutter speed may be a physical limit, or one they're willing to impose for sake of warranty etc. Still, it's kinda funny... others say Oly overstated their ISO, and some say it works out to being 125 ISO compared to some other cameras, etc etc (no need to explain ISO to me, I don't care, I can take dim shots at 3200, I don't care if it's "really" 1600 or 2000 or whatever).

ISO is too low! ISO is too high! Can't please everyone

But you can with more features in future models.  1/8000 sec shutter speed would be nice, or ISO100, even if it is not a real one would still be useful.  Or, somthing like a built-in ND filter that can be selected with a button push on the camera or lens. And also, if Panasonic and Olympus care to communicate more or let their products communicate more to make M43 even better when mixing for the sake of the users.  All those little unnecessary issues, like CA corrected sometimes depending on brand, rattlesnaking, different distortion correction, banding,...

In China/HK, it is one country, 2 systems.  Here we seem to have 1 system, 2 standards.

Lol - totally agree with your last sentence.

They should really fix the CA in software across the system.

Note that LoCA, which I would guess is the issue in the particular situation you are talking about, isn't auto-corrected by either Pany or Oly bodies. The reason is that it is difficult to do this automatically without running into problems in certain scenarios.

What is auto-corrected by Pany bodies for Pany lenses (but isn't for any other combo) is lateral CA. But lateral CA is completely independent of the aperture used. In fact, it typically becomes more rather than less visible when you stop down, not because it really increases (it doesn't) but rather because other aberrations that tend to conceal it disappear.

I appreciate that; I do have a 12-35mm f2.8 that loves to show it's ca on my omd...bah.

I am sure it does. It's lovely to see it disappear when you check that box in LR 4.x though.

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