Did I make a mistake? (Pentax K-5iis vs Nikon D7100)

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Re: Did I make a mistake? (Pentax K-5iis vs Nikon D7100)

If you're getting good pictures - and with the lenses you have along with the k5iis, you should be - there isn't much reason to consider the hassle of switching and having to relearn another brand.

The Pentax will give you in body stabilization which I'm sure you know is useful.  The smaller form factor will let you carry more in your pack.  And the smaller lenses, particularly the limiteds, will let you carry your pack further.  Ergonomics are top notch and your buffer won't fill as fast as the D7100 if you shoot raw.

Flash won't be as good on the Pentax if you're into that, so there are some downsides.

All around though, you've got an awesome kit - I know may people would feel very fortunate to have the quality of tools you have.  I know I feel very lucky that I have the k5iis and some great glass!

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