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Re: Sony provides so much more! Really?

headfirst wrote:

123Mike wrote:

Does Sony have anything to compete with the D4 or 1DX ?

The A57, A65, A77, and A99 all compete with that, yes. And it costs a lot less.

Do you honestly believe that?

Yes I honestly believe that. You don't *have* to have full frame if you're dealing with zooming into things like race cards and basket ball players.

They are both FF so that means A99 - but the A99 doesn't do their frame rate let alone have their AF systems. Of course it has it's own pros but not those.

The AF system in the A99 is VERY effective! It shoots 8 fps full res, 10 fps cropped.

The A77 can do the frame rate but isn't FF & the AF whilst good isn't at their level either.

And cropped can compete with full frame. Two guys standing next to each other capturing the event, one guy with a crop cam the other with a ff. It does not mean that the ff guy has all better pictures than the crop guy.

Sometimes it's best to stop digging ... 

And sometimes it's better to admit that for new comers, for consumer class cameras, that Sony has the upper hand.

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