Panasonic 100-300 vs. Olympus 75-300 II lens test

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Re: Both images suffer from instability.

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I would like to see a really good definitive comparison of both lenses made on the same camera body.  The tests I have seen so far are not convincing me one is better than the other.  (I use the 100-300 on the E-M5 with IS1 on all the time both on and off the tripod. RAW only.)

Check out the ephotozine tests done with a G3. The Olympus lens is better.

I wouldn't make too much of that test. Ephotozine is hardly my favorite source when it comes to this kind of testing. They don't say much about their methods and I am not sure they really know what they are doing. On top of that, there is always the problem of sample variation. The first version did less well than the second although the optical design is exactly the same (save for new antireflective coatings). So do we make of that? That ephotozine got a better copy of the second version than of the first? And that the Panasonic copy they tested happened to be inbetween?

Many other MFT lenses have been sufficiently thoroughly tested by various sites that the verdict is by now pretty clear. Unfortunately, these two are not among them. My general impression based on the various bits and pieces I have been able to pick up over time is that they are roughly on a par in terms of MTF performance. The Pany has the advantage of being faster and having OIS. The Oly is smaller/lighter and covers the range between 75 and 100 mm. Price is by now about the same (previously Pany had an advantage in that regard). Some people say that the AF of the Oly is better, at least with AF-C, but I am not sure about that. Of course, the greater speed of the Pany should help with AF too, if only marginally.

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