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Re: Comparison at high ISO (6400)

123Mike wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:


123Mike wrote:

The A58 view underwent scaling down it seems, and that means pixels went through a process, where there was opportunity for noise reduction and enhancing.

What are you talking about? Of course I didn't add NR or did any " enhancing". I didn't even resharpen after scaling.  And if I had upscaled the A57 the relative difference would have been similar.

The viewing software scaled down the image you silly.

No it didn't, you "silly". I obviously did, using a Lanczos algorithm. There is no NR or "enhancing" in that process. And again, it doesn't matter which equal size you scale them to (upscaling the A57 works too, printing both at the same size as well), the relative differences is as displayed.

It's called normalization and there is no better way to do it than the above mentioned methods. So how did you do it? Since you had some claims yourself too.

That means it went through whatever algorithms it has to do a good job. I have an idea that might address this, but it may seem strange... Take the image, load it in a photo editing program like Photoshop (something descent, not Microsoft paint or something stupid like that). Make the image 2.5 times larger. 2.5 as wide I mean. Save that image, high quality possible. Heck, save as PNG. Then load that into the viewing software you were using. Show the A58 as you did before, where it got to scale down the image to make it visually the same scale as an A57 output. Then do the same to the upscaled A57 shot. Have it show it scaled down as if it were the original size. Now it underwent the same algorithms. I bet it comes out sharper. But I could be wrong.

Great if you're trying to kill time. See above.

When you pan around, one can easily cherry pick bits where the A57 looks better as well.

Only the far left of the A58 shows a focus or lens (curvature ?) issue with a sudden drop off in sharpness. The rest is consistent with the crops posted.

So, when the A57 is sharper it is because of the lens/focus, and when the A58 is sharper it is because the A58 is better? That's cherry picking on your part!

I didn't say the A57 was sharper, read again. I said the A58 sharpness has a sudden drop off towards the left. But this was about jpeg engines and how they compared. The RAW files show similar sharpness in the center, the correspondingjpegs do not. Thus the extra loss can be ascribed to the jpeg engine of the A57. Let's not let cognitive dissonance get in the way of that one.

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