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Chance encounters with cougars and "The Look"

Entropius wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

... Wild animals are always wild. Big cats are carnivores. What I've read about wild cougar encounters is you always make eye contact and never look or turn away from them. It's a sign of flight and can trigger an attack, if they are ever going to.

My father was out on a hunting trip in Montana when he encountered one at a distance of about ten feet. Both of them apex predators, both of them easily capable of killing the other, and both aware that the other's not their prey but hoping the other realizes that too.

Eventually the big ol' kitty wandered off, but that's the experience of a lifetime! There are signs all over Tucson (where I lived for years) telling folks what to do if they encounter one, which is just what you described: look big and unafraid and not like dinner.

Wow, your father was close! Yes, you have to give a wild animal a way out, a way to retreat. Otherwise they will attack out of defense.

I've gotten the look of "that's close enough" from all kinds of big animals: elk, bear, moose, buffalo and smaller animals like fox. You learn to recognize it when you see it or you suffer the consequences. I wouldn't recommend pushing the limits for some of these animals, as I did by mistake or chance.

Yes, never give the look of fear or "I'm dinner" to a cougar.

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