Does M4/3 or DSLR produce higher quality photo's

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Re: Does M4/3 or DSLR produce higher quality photo's

I think one mistake is to lump together all cameas of a certain sensor size. There are slr 43 cameras and even compact FFa.

The advantages of SLRs are generally better autofocus, an optical viewfinder which many prefer (but not all), better ergonomics and controls, perhaps faster shooting speed.

The advantages of compact cameras are obviously portability and cost.

So you could argue that portable means youll get the shot, compared to your SLR sitting at home, but SLR might allow you to get the shot (a bird flying fast through the sky) that a compact autofocus wouldnt allow.

Sensor size gives generally better DR, colour depth and low light performance, and so bigger will be better.

But by how much depends on what you shoot. If you want to shoot birds in flight or sports you need an SLR, and it could be argued that if youre carrying the bulk of an SLR anyway then you may as well get the IQ from a larger sensor. Low light requires a higher ISO and so a larger sensor.

My view is that you should go (or have one of each if possible) towards each extreme (though not as far as camera phone and medium format!) Have a pocketable compact with reasonable IQ, and a DX or FX SLR for when you need it (if you think you will need it.) A big camera with a small sensor, while of course capable of taking good pictures, might end up something that you dont take with you all that often, while also not giving the IQ you might find useful if you decided whatever youre taking pictures of is worth carrying it.

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