Panasonic 100-300 vs. Olympus 75-300 II lens test

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Re: Panasonic 100-300 vs. Olympus 75-300 II lens test

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I have had the Panasonic 100-300mm lens for some time. Last year I tested it in comparison with the Olympus 75-300 lens. The Panasonic won hands down at every focal length.

I was curious whether the new Olympus 75-300 II lens would be any better. Son of gun, it is. I tested them with the OM-D on a heavy duty Gitzo carbon fiber tripod and a RRS BH-55 bullhead. Hard to have a more stable platform. Tested the lenses at 100, 200, 250, and 300mm. Lenses produced the same results except at 300mm, where the Olympus seems to be better.

Olympus 75-300mm lens

Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm lens

So the good news is that Olympus has produced a better lens. The bad news is that I am compelled to buy it. Sigh.

Thanks for the test. But I am not so sure about the conclusion. Note that a) the new 75-300 is optically identical to the old save for new (and hopefully better) antireflective coatings and b) the two lenses were not focused identically in your test images (focus placed closer to the camera with the Pany 100-300).

May be that is exactly the problem with the 100-300mm : it isn't really able to focus at the long end. I have similar results with mine and it is clearly visible while focusing manually : I need to go just a tad further to be in focus, but I'm a the end of the distance scale already.

Mine has no difficulties with that though. So I would think, your problem has to do with your individual copy rather than the design as such. I think my copy does pretty well even at 300 mm, especially when stopped down to f/8. See here:

My lens went to Panasonic support services, but came back with the mention that the lens was "inside of specifications".

One Oly tech rep told me the same thing about my ridiculously bad copy of the 40-150/4-5.6. I immediately asked what the specs were. As I suspected, his response was that Oly hadn't published any official specs for this lens. So I asked him how he could know how the lens was within specs. I never got any response to that question. 

I think this is just a little power struggle that one sometimes has to go through to get things done. If you are persistent and determined, I am sure they'll give in and do something about.

BTW : thank you for the test. That was really interesting. Although now I wonder whether I shouldn't exchange my 100-300mm for the new Oly on. : it is lighter and now that I have updated my G3 fo the E-M5 I don't need stabilization anymore.

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